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Secretary General


From the desk of the Secretary General NMMUN’20:

Dear delegates,

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the twelfth edition of the Neerja Modi Model United Nations.

We live in uncertain times, in the midst of a pandemic and reeling from its economic, social and political consequences. Simultaneously, we are witnessing humanitarian crises such as the one caused by the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, the maritime conflict of the South China Sea, geopolitical tensions in MENA (Middle East North Africa), economic trade wars and the worst refugee crisis in recent history.

The policies of the Indian government are coming into question; the football world is dealing with biases and money power; the volatility of situations around the globe can lead to immediate, unforeseen emergencies. At the same time, work continues to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

We need to re-examine the liberation of Bangladesh; 2049 will see us on the brink of humanity’s colonization of space.

So yes, these are uncertain, difficult times. However, as conscientious citizens of the world, we must not let these problems define our generation; rather, people of our time should be remembered for everything we did to fix all the issues around us.

NMMUN’20 is a platform for you to begin to do just that. ‘Reimagining perspectives’ while solving global crises is of the essence – without the consideration of different points of view, we will not break the cycles of oppression and inhumanity that have caused these crises in the first place.

I hope this virtual experience will be fulfilling and open your eyes to things you had never thought of before.

Delegates, your committees await.

The world is now yours to make.

Yours sincerely,

Pranjal Gehlot

Secretary General


Deputy Secretary General


From the desk of the Deputy Secretary General of NMMUN’20:

Namaskaram delegates!

I turn out to be short of words to express my gratitude towards all who have made me reach this  position. This journey has not only taught me debating, but has made me altogether  a new being with a new perspective and understanding. It has carved a new soul out of me. 

I welcome you all to the 12th Edition of the Neerja Modi Model United Nations; in fact the first ever virtual edition. NMMUN has always been a charm for all NMSites and has not only contributed a lot to our school life but has also been a platform to give a voice to the finest debaters; all across the nation. It is a place which has channelised the ideas, beliefs and motives of thousands of young leaders, and still continues with its legacy.

Whether it’s the heated atmosphere of the AIPPM or the artistic moods of Caricaturists, whether it’s the inquisitiveness of the Thant’s Commision or the energy of UEFA, this edition has everything for you! The place may not be physical, the table taps may not be the same, the chits may be digital, but we have everything set for you.

At last, we aim for a new spark, a new voice, a new thunder and a new joy! I wish all the delegates good luck and hope to see the leaders of tomorrow. Let’s mark a new beginning. Let’s reimagine our perspectives.

 Best Wishes,

 Mihir Sharma

 Deputy Secretary General


Director General


From the desk of the Director General NMMUN’20:

Greetings, delegates!

Welcome to the twelfth annual Neerja Modi Model United Nations! It is an honor to be serving as the Director-General for the first-ever Virtual Session of the NMMUN Conference, which will be held from the 20th to the 22nd of November, 2020.

Over the years, the NMMUN Secretariat has aimed to deliver a realistic and comprehensive simulation of the United Nations and its committees by discussing pressing geo-political issues, fostering collaboration among delegates through diplomacy and compromise, and exploring bold yet constructive solutions to global problems.

This year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented consequences, the Neerja Modi Model UN strives to work towards these goals by convening on a fully-online forum under the theme, ‘Reimagining Perspectives’. The Conference will be hosting 13 committees, ranging from conventional bodies of the UN to several specialised Futuristic and Historical agencies, that will cover a wide variety of pertinent and thought-provoking agendas.

I hope NMMUN’20 proves to be an opportunity for all of you to put forth your unique ideas as well as to learn from those around you through exciting debates and engaging committee sessions.

All the best!


Shrishti Tiwari

Director General