Neerja Modi Model United Nations is an annual event that has been hosted by the students of NMS for the past twelve years. The Model UN enables young minds to orate, persuade and defend themselves while demonstrating global acumen. This student-run conference aims to develop worldly knowledge and problem-solving skills within the delegates as they are given a chance to overcome their weaknesses. We at NMMUN envision every delegate as a leader of tomorrow. Challenges are catalysts for innovation. The pandemic put forth an endless series of obstacles; some ephemeral, some permanent. As future leaders, it is our responsibility to rise up to the challenge and effectively resolve conflicts. With a hope to find ways to overcome these challenges and kickstart the journey to getting back to normal, we present to you the theme for the second edition of the virtual NMMUN – “Rising above challenges”. NMMUN gives you the perfect opportunity to grow, evolve and ameliorate. After all, resilience is bred in our bones.

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