Neerja Modi MUN

NMMUN 2020

Reimagining Perspectives

Neerja Modi Model United Nations is an annual event that has been hosted by the Neerja Modi School for the past eleven years. This student-run conference aims to inspire delegates to showcase their best strengths and to get a chance to overcome all weaknesses. It brings students to a common platform to vigorously and passionately deliberate global issues, ethics and ideals.We at NMMUN envision every delegate as a leader of tomorrow, equipped with the facts and rationale to combat any and all oppression.

The pandemic has triggered crises across the world. Striving to come up with solutions for these issues, our first virtual edition of the Neerja Modi MUN is here with the theme “Reimagining Perspectives”. Getting a range of perspectives  and considering and understanding all viewpoints make the motive of NMMUN that much more achievable. We strive to uphold our standard of excellence and continue this tradition of solving global issues, framing consensus and rousing young minds.

Meet our guest speakers…

Navin B. Chawla

Navin B. Chawla is a former Chief Election Commissioner of India. He conducted the Indian General Election of April-May 2009. He is also the author of two books on Mother Teresa.

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20th-22nd Nov


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